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WE ARE Elevating Celebrations Across the Midwest and Florida

Welcome to MGM Bartending, where we mix sophistication with fun to transform your events. Headquartered in Tampa, we've expanded our cocktail crafting experience to Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and all of Florida. We're not just bartenders; we're creators of memorable experiences.

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Our Service Promise: Craftsmanship in Every Sip

Whether you are hosting a private party in Milwaukee, a wedding in Indianapolis, or a corporate event in Miami, our professional bartenders bring a touch of class and creativity. Our services go beyond mixing drinks; we craft an atmosphere that complements your event's theme, ensuring every guest feels special.

About Us: Creative Spirits with a Flair for Mixology

At MGM Bartending, our passion for innovative cocktails and exceptional service knows no bounds. Our team, known for their artistic mixology and friendly service, now brings their expertise to a wider audience. From the sunny beaches of Florida to the heart of the Midwest, we guarantee a bartending experience that's as unique as your event.

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Your Event, Our Expertise

Plan your event with confidence, knowing MGM Bartending is at your service. Contact us to bring the magic of expert bartending to your doorstep, no matter where you are in WI, MI, IL, IA, IN, FL.